The North Norfolk coastline has hundreds of hidden treasures and many of these are simply glossed over. Our skiff called Ratatouille can take you to some  unique places.

Whether it’s from a wildlife perspective, or simply to enjoy this beautiful, untouched natural area . Head out from Morston harbour into the Blakeney Point nature reserve, we’ll take in the extensive Seal and Tern colonies. How about trying your hand at catching a few Mackerel or walking amongst the incredible dune habitat that is Blakeney Point. Depending on the time of day, delicious pre packed meals of local and seasonal produce can be arranged.

Blakeney Point is a truly dynamic area and is one of the largest expanses of unspoilt and diverse coastline in Europe. Large aggregations of migratory birds call this place home throughout the summer, and the winter months herald the return of many of Britain’s wildfowl and waders.

As is the way with Hidden Norfolk, the best method for creating the ultimate trip is to get in touch and we can arrange everything that you need. 

Boat Trips and Tours

Join us and let your Hidden Norfolk guide take you to the best bits of Blakeney Point. A tidal trip consists of making the most of when the tide fills the harbour and we can explore the bounties of the harbour. Priced per person . Each trip takes four people only.  Each trip takes aprox four hours.


Sea Fishing Trip

The waters around the Point are teeming with life and this makes it an ideal place to try your hand at catching some of Norfolk’s fish species. The primary summer target will be the abundant Mackerel who call this place home from June onwards. All equipment is supplied, and expect to be put into action with the frying pan to enjoy these fish as they should be, straight out of the sea. £60.00 per person


Hidden Norfolk and Norfolk Wildlife Photography Special Trips

Hidden Norfolk has teamed up with Jonathan Lewis one of the UK's leading wildlife photographers based in Norfolk. Using Auntie Pam a 22ft Norfolk Crabber the Hidden Norfolk crew will take Jonathan and only four photographers to capture shots of the Seals, Terns and Waders of Blakeney Point. For the Landscape Photographer Norfolk’s famed coast and skies can be captured whenever you wish. Hidden Norfolk have a passion for the Natural World and are willing to sail at dawn and dusk so that you can capture those magic moments. £85.00 per person.