Jonathan Yule

Jonathan is self-taught and has been painting professionally for thirty years. Although drawing and painting were always constants in his life he trained in agriculture and worked as a shepherd. The long and happy hours spent tending his flock in the Norfolk Breckland gave him the opportunity to watch and learn at close hand the landscape and wildlife to which he feels so strongly connected. Having a deep understanding of one’s subject is essential so this was an intensely important period in his development as an artist. The wildlife of Norfolk and its stunning coastal landscape have always been central to Jonathan’s work and formed the core of his early paintings, with wildfowl a particular source of inspiration.

Jonathan has been involved with Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF) for many years and has been on art and conservation trips to Spain and Portugal and to the Great Fen Project in Cambridgeshire with them, both as a contributing artist and also as the narrator of a film made by Richard and Julia Kemp highlighting the environmental vulnerability of the Spanish Pyrenees. He is currently involved with the ANF project on the island of Sark.

His love of wild places has taken him to some truly remote locations from which he can draw on a wide range of inspiration for his work. He has visited Iceland annually for the last nineteen years and has recently visited Norway  for the first time with some fellow ANF artists, a trip that they all hope to repeat. He accompanied Richard Kemp on a project to film wolves and bison in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Jonathan exhibits his work in Norfolk and in 2015 will be holding an exhibition on the Norfolk Coast to assist THE NORFOLK RIVERS TRUST details to follow.