Bee Keeping

Recreational beekeeping recently has seen a resurgence in popularity with advances in skills and equipment making it easier and cheaper to begin looking after your first colony. We believe that anyone with a garden should have a hive or two to assist pollination and to enjoy the wonderful honey crop, not to mention that these intrepid little insects are fascinating.

The art of keeping Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera) has been practiced for millennia with some of the first known depictions coming from ancient Egypt.

Interestingly there was honey found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, therefore showing the importance of this resource through the ages. Today, as ever, the humble Honey Bee plays a crucial role in a large diversity of ecosystems as lead pollinator for many plants.

To assist your education and induction into being a successful beekeeper, Hidden Norfolk has one of the county’s leading instructors Jill Tinsey available on a limited basis to introduce you to the fascinating world of the Bee.

Jill has been keeping bees for 18 years; she runs 35- 40 working hives in and around Norfolk.

Her experience and knowledge goes beyond basic beekeeping, on the course, time allowing, we will look through microscopes to the inner workings of the bees to assist in the enlightenment.

Jill is a qualified instructor and assessor for beekeeping courses.

David Diggens owner of Hidden Norfolk and Joint instructor on the courses has recently passed The BBKA Basic Bee Keepers Exam in his quest to improve education on all aspects of the Natural World. 

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Dates will be issued by end OCT 

Individual lessons can be organsied on request.

Christmas Vouchers are avilable for the 2018 season.

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Introduction to Bee Keeping

A four-session day to give you a full introduction to the practice of keeping bees. £125.00 per person.